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  1. How do I apply for vehicle financing?

    Simply complete an online application or call us toll-free at 877-454-9389 and complete a quick over the phone application with one of our experienced finance specialists.

  2. What are my bankruptcy requirements?

    Chapter 7: Once your case is filed and your bankruptcy documents are available for us to view on the court website we will be able to process your application.
    Chapter 13: Once your plan is confirmed we will be able to process your application.

  3. What are some basic requirements to be pre-approved?

    Minimum income of $2,250 for an individual applicant and $2,750 with a joint applicant

    No self-employment income can be used

    No "co-signer" applicants permitted

  4. What documentation does Prestige need?

    A recent paystub within the past 30 days

    A recent utility bill within the past 30 days

    Proof of active vehicle insurance

    Six (6) personal references

    A copy of valid driver's licenses for all individuals that will be driving the vehicle

    Proof of additional income sources (if applicable)

    Proof of completed mortgage modification (if applicable)

    Authorization to Purchase (if applicable)

  5. What happens if I am approved for financing?

    If approved, we will contact you with your pre-approval information including the monthly payment you qualify for. We will also provide you with the name, address, and contact for one of our preferred dealerships in your area based on the type of vehicles you are interested in purchasing.

  6. What if I am NOT approved for financing?

    Unfortunately, due to a variety of factors and circumstances, Prestige Financial is not able to approve everyone who applies. But we are always willing to relook at an application if circumstances change.

  7. What is Prestige Financials involvement once I am approved and referred to a dealership?

    Prestige Financial only provides financing. Once you are approved, the dealership will handle everything related to your vehicle purchase.

  8. What if I do not find a vehicle I want at the dealership Prestige provided?

    If for some reason the dealership we provide is not able to get you a vehicle you want, give us a call and we will provide additional dealership options.

  9. What if I am approved and decide I do not want to purchase a vehicle at this time?

    There is no obligation to purchase a vehicle if you are approved. If you prefer not to buy at this time, please just let us know and we will file your application for a later date.

  10. Is a down payment required?

    Prestige Financial does not require a down payment.
    If the dealer requires a down payment, they will discuss it with you at the dealership.

**Please provide accurate information on all application questions. If any information we receive on your application does not prove correct during our verification process, there is a chance we will not be able to finance your purchase. **

(877) 454-9389

Fax: (801) 956-1533


Fill out our quick application and get on the road to car ownership.