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Reduce Your Rate

Save money and enjoy peace of mind with Rate Reduction Rewards, exclusively from Prestige Financial.

You want a great loan for your new vehicle. How about a loan that rewards you by dropping your interest rate as you keep your account in good standing? Prestige Financial's exclusive Rate Reduction Rewards program does exactly that, and it can mean tremendous savings for you. Here's how it works:

1. As soon as your new Prestige Financial loan closes, register in the Rate Reduction Rewards section of your online account at MyPrestige

2. Opt-in to receive electronic communication.

3. Keep your Rate Reduction Rewards registration current, make your monthly payments on time, and maintain qualifying vehicle insurance at all times.

4. For every three (3) months you follow Step 3, Prestige will automatically drop your rate by up to one half of one percent, for a total reduction of up to 2% per year.

Rate Reduction Rewards can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in interest charges over the life of your loan.

Disclaimer: In order to be qualified for a 0.50 percent rate drop every three months (up to 2 percent per year), the customer must meet all rate drop requirements and sign up for AutoPay. 14% minimum APR after all reductions. Customers contracted at 14% APR or lower are not eligible for the Rate Reduction Rewards Program. Prestige Financial is not obligated to offer Rate Reduction Rewards to its customers and may change or terminate the program at any time and without notice.

Find Your Perfect Car

Prestige Financial Services, Inc. ("Prestige") works with reputable dealerships that offer a wide variety of quality vehicles.

Prestige's "preferred dealers" get the opportunity to work with our pre-approved referral customers because they have a proven track record of providing friendly, respectful and prompt service. As a referral customer, you have already completed an application through Prestige and have been pre-approved for vehicle financing. The last step in the process is to meet with one of our preferred dealers who will help you select a qualifying vehicle that meets your needs and wants.

All of our preferred dealers get constant praise for their great customer service, have extensive experience assisting individuals in bankruptcy and have a full understanding of our referral program. We expect our dealerships to provide the same quality of customer respect and appreciation as we do.

You will receive contact information for a preferred dealership(s) once the application process has been completed and you have been pre-approved for vehicle financing. We will provide you with a referral Certificate of Pre-approval for Vehicle Financing ("Certificate") to take with you to the dealership. The Certificate will include your approval information as well as some basic instructions for the dealership. The Certificate also provides the dealership name, address and the name of the contact person you will need to speak with when you visit the dealership. In order to ensure quick and accurate service, we ask that you take the Certificate with you to the dealership. A Certificate will be emailed to every pre-approved customer.

If you are interested in becoming a preferred dealer, please contact your local marketing representative or call our Dealer Relations Department at 888-294-7837.

(877) 454-9389

Fax: (801) 956-1533


Fill out our quick application and get on the road to car ownership.