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Success Stories

"With hardly any down payment, I got the car I wanted with a monthly payment I can afford."

— Charles, New Mexico

"After my bankruptcy, Prestige was the only one that would approve me for a car loan. You've been the easiest lender I've ever worked with. An exceptional experience."

— Robert, Ohio

"Thank you for having faith in me and giving me a second chance."

— Patti, Idaho

"We'll make sure our clients recognize that they do not need to stay in a vehicle loan that is not in their best interest."

— Niebuhr Law Firm, Illinois

"You not only financed my husband and me after our bankruptcy, but you helped our credit and rewarded us by dropping our interest rate! Thank you for giving us a chance at a fresh start."

— Angie, Maryland

"The dealer treated me well and did an outstanding job of handling the transaction."

— Donald, Virginia

"Thank you so much. I will continue to refer my clients to Prestige."

— Gilman & Edwards, LLC, Arizona

"Thank you for financing me when nobody else would. It's been a pleasure."

— Edward, Georgia

"Our bankruptcy still hasn't discharged, so we were really amazed to get such great financing!"

— Linda & John, Utah


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